Dr. Munawar Hussain


Dr. Munawar Hussain is a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist (RCOG) accredited sub-specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery. His sub-specialist training in reproductive medicine and surgery involved three years of additional extensive training in the management of infertility, assisted reproduction treatments (IVF and ICSI), male infertility, reproductive endocrinology and reproductive surgery. He is a Royal College of Gynaecologist accredited laparoscopic (keyhole) and hysteroscopic surgeon and holds RCOG and BFS certifications to perform gynaecology and obstetrics ultrasound scans.

With his strong background of training and clinical expertise, Munawar ensures a comprehensive, personalised and thorough approach to manage male, female infertility and general gynaecology conditions. He is an expert in managing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), menopausal symptoms, recurrent miscarriages, menstrual irregularities (infrequent or heavy periods), endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain and fibroids uterus.

Munawar provides expert care to couples finding it difficult to conceive a baby either due to male or female causes. He manages male fertility problems (low sperm count or other sperm problems) and female infertility (PCOS, anovulation, tubal blockage, fibroids uterus and endometriosis) along with performing ultrasound scans, hormone tests and tubal potency testing to investigate and manage infertility and general gynaecology conditions. As an RCOG certified specialist in Reproductive Surgery, he is an expert in surgically repairing and reopening of the blocked fallopian tubes to help to achieve a natural conception. In case natural conception does not take place, he can provide advanced fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI and surgical sperm retrieval.

Munawar holds a Masters Degree in Reproduction and Development with Distinction from Bristol University. His research in gynaecology and reproductive medicine led to several international presentations and publications in reputable journals. He has an interest in research and training and continues to undertake research in his area of specialty. He is actively involved in training at regional level through Health Education East of England and at national level with the Royal College of Obstetricians Gynaecologists and the British Fertility Society. His active involvement in research and training ensures that his patients receive the most up-to-date care.